Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland

Full Version: Legislative Docket
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The following will be the legislative docket for the current legislative term (ends January 20th):

  1. Create legislative committees to aid in the drafting of laws. - Completed
  2. Establish Articles of Citizenship - Completed
  3. Approve the first One-Year Plan - Completed
  4. Initiate Land Reform - Complete
  5. Initiate Industrial Reform - Complete
  6. Regulate Trade Unions - Complete
  7. Creation of Police Forces - Complete
  8. Creation of Military - Complete
  9. Establish housing and food guarantees - Complete
  10. Wage and Currency Reform - Complete
  11. Anti-Counter-Revolutionary Laws - Complete
  12. Establish Military and Civilian Awards and Honors - Complete
  13. Establish Criminal Code - Complete
  14. Decorate Nathaniel Yates - Complete
  15. Claim Territory on Micras - Complete
  16. Ratify the Standarised Currency and Unified Economy Treaty - Complete
  17. Alter Constitution to allow proportional representation in Supreme People's Congress

This list may be expanded or reduced in size at any time.
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