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List of Policies for Primary Education
10-02-2012, 11:12 AM (This post was last modified: 10-02-2012 11:13 AM by Leon Ulyanov.)
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List of Policies for Primary Education
The following basic policies will be followed in the teaching of children in our elementary schools:
  • Evolution will be taught so that all children will fully understand the theory in question before the end of primary education. "Intelligent design" will be considered an illegal, counter-revolutionary doctrine that tries to enforce a religious doctrine as scientific fact; as such intelligent design will not be allowed to be taught, discussed, or even mentioned in State schools unless a teacher is pointing out the flaws and inaccuracies in "intelligent design."
  • Special emphasis will be placed on mathematics and science skills.
  • Sexual education will be required to be done at some point before the end of primary education. There will be no opt-out for students and the sexual education must focus on safe-sex practices in conjunction with abstinence until an individual is in a committed relationship (committed should not ever be implied by an educator to mean marriage as marriage is a religious institution).
  • The values, ideals, and goals of communism will be imbedded into every student. A through understanding will be based on the history of communist thought, the history of communism in world history, demonstrations of the horrors of capitalism and religion, and the establishment of social activities that aid in the imbuing of communist values.
  • Schools will be closed for all State recognized holidays.
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24-06-2012, 05:57 PM (This post was last modified: 24-06-2012 05:58 PM by Mark Williams II.)
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RE: List of Policies for Primary Education
I am disgusted at this sickening, totalitarian, radical, and innapropriate policy.

Firstly, I'd like to point some flaws and innacuracies in "evolution". Tell me, if you are emphasizing that there is no God, tell me how we are here. Oh, yes, you'd probably go to the blaspemous lie that we are descended from apes, of course. But what were the apes descended from, you seem so sure of your selves. Alright, let's go all the way back to the beginning. What, are we descended from...bacteria or something? Then what in the hell is the bacteria coming from? Tell me, what started it all? What started the bacteria we are "descended" from? Who/what made it possible? Hmm? I didn't think so. Sure, you could say that it was formed out was formed out of space dust, but what created the damn space dust? Look, the universe and everything in it had a beginning, and it sure as hell wasn't any more than 10,000 years (maybe 15,000 at the most, but that's stretching it). Therefore, if there was a beginning to EVERYTHING, tell me. You and your little cowardly communist idiots in your failing government--you tell ME this. How did the universe begin? No. no. Don't say big bang. Think back. At the beginning, there was nothing. A big explosion was not possible because explosions, stars, or even the universe--had not yet come into existence. Either everything was white...or black. That's it. Now, YOU tell ME. How did it all begin? Not the Big Bang, think earlier. Something started time itself, and the universe. And you cannot explain that, but there is one thing you can explain. This universe, you and I, mankind, Earth, the Milky Way--don't explain that it all began due to space dust or something perverse like that, because the only explanation is God. That is it.

But I'm not quite finished yet. You disgust me--religion is NOT a horror. And here you are dreaming of turning every wonderful child on this earth into a hateful socialist who very arrogantly opposes marriage and religion. I will commend you on using protection and employing commend astinence. But I will not commend your government's attempt to indoctrinate children and turn them into disgusting things and make them follow disgusting principles, e.g, the ones mentioned in this "policies list".

And then we move on to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and other GOD-GIVEN unalienable rights which you inted to keep your citizens from. Disgusting, these policies make me vomit. I hate them with a passion, and find them very hateful, anti-Christian (and other religions) and a sinful thing for a government to impose on their citizens. That is why your nation has failed, and why I will strive to make sure it stays that way. Take a look at this, can't you see how GROSS it is? Good God, this is just disgusting and I ABHOR it!
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