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Decree on Conscription
14-02-2012, 02:26 PM
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Decree on Conscription
Section 4 of the People's Armed Defence Forces Organization Act will be amended to read as follows:

  • Section 4: Any citizen may be conscripted into the People's Armed Defence Forces.
    1. Conscription will be regulated by the People's Commissariat for Defence.
    2. Conscription will last for a period no less than six (6) months and no longer than three (3) years.
    3. All citizens, upon completion of secondary education, shall serve a mandatory period of six (6) months as a conscript in the People's Armed Defence Forces.
    4. Citizens may request to serve in a non-combat capacity or in a civil protection service instead of serving in the active military but acceptance of these requests will be made on a case-by-case basis.
    5. Any citizen may claim a conscientious objector status and be exempted from conscription. In order to be granted this special status a citizen must prove that they hold pacifistic beliefs and that said beliefs are held in earnest and have been held for a considerable amount of time. If a citizen cannot prove that they held their pacifistic before they were called for conscription then they will not be granted conscientious objector status.
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