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Decree on a Code of Laws
16-02-2012, 02:35 PM
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Decree on a Code of Laws
There will now be made an official Code of Laws of Kirkland. This Code will act as the official code of laws that are in effect in the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland. It shall be organized in such a manner that any regulations on a particular subject shall be easily found. This Code will ensure that anyone wishing to determine the legality of something can simply look in the Code rather than skimming through the myriad of Act and Decrees of the government, many of which regularly contradict or alter each other.

The Code of Laws will be regularly revised to ensure constant accuracy. No less than every 6 months a full revision will be made with supplementary revisions made in the mean time.

The Code of Laws will be online and easily accessed by all citizens of Kirkland. The Code may be found on the Kirkland wiki, a link directly to the Code will be placed in the "Important Links" topic under "General Info". However, paper copies may be requested and will be made upon request. Paper copies must be purchased for a nominal fee of 5 rubles in order to cover production costs. A free paper copy may be viewed at Kirk House in Balromia.

Revisions to the Code will be handled by the Committee on the Kirkish Code of Laws which shall be managed as a Committee of the Council of People's Commissars at-large. This Committee will only meet in person and will not have a presence on the nation's forum.
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