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Forum Announcement: Articles of Citizenship
The following will be considered the Articles of Citizenship:

[list][*]Read the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland
[*]Swear to uphold your duties and responsibilities as a citizen as listed in the Constitution.[/list]

Completing these actions will be the prerequisites for being granted citizenship in the DPRoK.

After being granted citizenship you will be asked to choose a Republic of residence. This will determine which of our republics you "live" in. Residency determines many things in the DPRoK. Employment is residency driven because you are only supposed to work in the republic in which you reside (though there are ways around this). Also, you representation in the Supreme People's Congress is determined by your residency. So be sure to do a little research to determine which Republic you want to live in.

After you choose your residency you are free to browse the forum and do....well whatever. Join the CPK and get into politics, ask to start working for one of the People's Commissariats, or just help expand our culture. It's all up to you but you need to be a citizen to get all the benefits so join now.