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Full Version: Regulations on Conscription
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As outlined in the People's Armed Defence Forces Organization Act all citizens are eligible for conscription. In conjunction with this act, the People's Commissariat for Defence is empowered to make all regulations concerning conscription. The following is a comprehensive list of those regulations.

[list=1][*]The Conscription Process
[list=a][*]Every citizen, upon reaching the age of 17, shall be required to submit an application with the Committee on Conscription giving their name, date of birth (a year alone is considered sufficient), and Republic of residence. Upon submission of this application the Committee on Conscription will provide the citizen with a conscription card with their name and conscription number.
[*]When a conscription call is made by the People's Commissariat for Defence a lottery will be performed in which numbers are randomly chosen. The range of possible numbers will be limited to those numbers that have been issued by the Committee on Conscription. Any citizen who has their number called in this lottery will be immediately informed that they have been conscripted and instructions will be given for them to report for duty.
[*]Upon reporting for duty a conscript will be subjected to a basic medical examination to determine if the conscript is fit for active service. Those conscripts found unfit for active service will be sent into serve in a non-combat position. Those conscripts found to be fit for active duty will immediately be sent to receive basic military training in the service to which they have been conscripted.[/list]
[*]Various punishments concerning conscription
[list=a][*]Failure to submit an application with the Committee on Conscription will result in a fine of 15 rubles for each month that the individual fails to submit their application.
[*]Failure to report for a medical examination will be considered a Low Crime
[*]Any conscript that, after being assigned for duty, fails to report for duty will be considered a deserter and will be punished as a deserter under the Code of Military Justice.[/list]
[*]Weight of services
[list=a][*]A 4:1:1 ratio will be established in the conscription to each branch of the People's Armed Defence Service. The People's Revolutionary Army will be guaranteed a minimum of 4 conscripts for every citizen that is conscripted into either the People's Air Defence Force or the People's Naval Defence Force.[/list]
[*]Record keeping
[list=a][*]The Committee on Conscription will keep an active registry of all conscription numbers issued along with the individuals assigned those numbers. For the sake of privacy this list will be keep from being seen by the public. Any citizen shall be entitled to petition the Committee on Conscription for the records being kept about them but may not see the records of any other citizen.[/list]
[*]Extended service and multiple callings
[list=a][*]In the event that a conflict requires that the armed forces maintain their strength, the duration of service may be extended as necessary until the cessation of hostilities. Citizens that serve beyond the normal three years of service will be entitled to a salary 1.5 times higher than the normal salary of a soldier in their rank to compensate them for their extended service.
[*]Any conscription number may be called during a war even if the conscription number in question has already been called, whether it was called in peacetime or in a previous conflict. However, those who have previously served will have their conscription numbers placed on a special list of numbers that may not be called unless all of the other conscription numbers are called.[/list]