Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland

Full Version: Forces of Counter-Revolution Push Back
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Yesterday the forces of the Republic of Kirkland were able to push our forces out of their territory. Around 2000 the enemy launched a counter attack against our forces. The troops led by Marshal Landes put up a valiant fight but were unable to stall the enemy advance. However, do not be dismayed comrades for our forces were able to force the enemy to accept high casualties. Our forces also denied the enemy the use of the lands we had captured in what Marshal Landes is calling "a policy of scorched earth to deny the enemy use of arable land."

Remember comrades, we are in this fight to win. We must win not only the war on the front but also the war for production. Every crop harvested and every gallon of gas saved is more material for our brave troops at the front. We can and will win this conflict for the betterment of global communism.