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Full Version: Yates City Planning Committee Recruitment
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We need city planners for the Yates City Planning Committee. This job entails making detailed maps of the city in Paint of some other image editing software.

This job will have the potential to become a recurring job since buildings will need to be added and changed as we go along. It will be the duty of city planners to create the maps based on descriptions provided by the government. You may be requested to go back and re-edit maps to better fit the wishes of the government.

You will be paid for each map that is created with bonuses available for exemplary work. You will be compensated 250 rubles for each new map and 50 to 100 rubles for alterations to existing maps (actual amount to be determined based on the number and difficulty of the alterations requested). Bonuses will depend on the quality of the work provided. Because we are striving for high quality maps, we reserve the right to deny payment for maps that we deem unfitting of payment. However, rest assured that if we think that a map has been given enough effort, we will accept it and compensate you even if we don't end up actually using the map.

Because this work is for the purposes of city planning, all maps, upon submission, will become the intellectual property of the government of Alovia. However, we will always maintain a creator's credit on all maps to ensure that the artist is given credit for their work.

If you are interested, please place your name and contact information below.