Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland

Full Version: Cessation of Activity of the Supreme People's Congress
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[b]Be it resolved[/b] that the regular activity of the Supreme People's Congress be ceased for the time being. The Supreme People's Congress will continue to meet and stand for election but the policy-making processes will be ceased until the activity level in the nation as a whole is improved. Until there are a minimum of 5 active citizens then the Supreme People's Congress will continue to exist in name only with the current Chairman, Stephen Landes, as the only [i]de facto[/i] and [i]de jure[/i] congressperson but lacking the power to propose or vote on bills. Upon having a total of 5 active citizens the Supreme People's Congress will immediately stand open for election and will then resume regular activity. In the interim, the Council of People's Commissars will act as the policy-making body of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland. By extension, the Premier will be granted the power to form all national policy through executive orders that may not be repealed by any body other than the Premier until the convening of the next full Supreme People's Congress.

Because of the current inactive nature of the Supreme People's Congress, this bill will pass upon either:
1) gaining the support of 2 congresspeople
2) voting time expiring and there are more yes votes than no votes

Voting time will last until 2359 hours on January 11th
The bill has received the necessary support and as such passes.

Final vote: 2 yes, 0 no