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Embassy Application - Leon Ulyanov - 23-01-2012

Are you a foreign delegate? Are you looking to establish formal diplomatic relations in the DPRoK? Then just fill out this simple form and we will set up an embassy for you.

Quote:[b]Nation Represented:[/b]

[b]Your position in previously stated nation:[/b]

[b]Why do you want to have an embassy?[/b]

[b]Is your nation a socialist/communist nation?[/b]

RE: Embassy Application - WUSSR Government - 17-03-2012

Nation Represented:
The Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (AKA: the WUSSR, or the West Soviet Union)
MW Page
National Website

My National Position:
President of the WUSSR National People's Assembly

Reasons for our Request:
The WUSSR is attempting to reach out to other communist micronations, especially those who have few relations within the community. Kirkland seems like a quaint and calm nation which has some differences between their government and our own, which is good, because if a friend has the same basic ideals with some different ideas, the two of you can work together easily toward a better goal than if you were operating entirely independently. A relationship between a democratic communist state and one which has a totalitarian structure could have some positive consequences. I hope you consider this, as I have in my mind.
Also, we have a fairly large micronational military, consisting of actual firearms rather than airsoft, waterguns, or paintball equipment, meaning that we are by default a large military power that can defend itself and allies (although we are not crazy separatists. We are actually fairly peaceful, and only have firearms primarily as hunting equipment).

Democratic Communist State:
We are a democratic communist state, meaning that we support the right of the people to choose which type of communism will serve them better than the other. However, we do not allow center, center-right, or right wing parties, for they are perceived as corrupt and/or dangerous factions on the political tree.

RE: Embassy Application - Leon Ulyanov - 20-03-2012

[b]Embassy Approved[/b]

We are glad to see our fellow communist comrades are reaching out to us. We look forward to a happy, productive relationship with the Western Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.