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Decree on Alovia Role Playing
Some new measures will be taken that will attempt to make Alovia a little more interesting.

First, each citizen will be entitled to create a number of characters that they may role play as in Alovia. These characters will not be legitimate outside Alovia. Characters will not be given voting rights in the overall government of Kirkland but will be permitted to vote in Alovia-only elections. Characters must be approved but pretty much anything will be permitted so long as it isn't outlandish or impossible (ie no saying your character is the president of some other country or something crazy like that).

Second, each citizen will be permitted to be the owner of five characters. Citizens may swap characters with each other so long as the Governor of Alovia is informed of the swap so that they don't think that the person is cheating or illegal speaking as a character they don't own. Also, in order for a swap to be legal both the citizen giving up the character and the citizen receiving the character must give their expressed permission for the swap.

Third, user-created characters will be permitted to run in Alovia-only elections. This is to keep things interesting and give a wider breadth to the Republic.

Fourth, in order to make this all make more sense each day in real life will be equal to two month in Alovia. Yes, this means that occassionally you will have to deal with the death of your character because they will age much more quickly than your real self. It will also mean elections will happen every few weeks.

Fifth, concerning a standardized calendar. We will establish March 4th, 2012, as the beginning of Year 0. Since a Micras year is 555 days, the year will have to be significantly longer. Each year will be 18 months with 15 of the months have 31 days and 3 of the months having 30 days. The months will be as follows:
[list=1][*]Claudens - 31 days
[*]Glaubens - 31 days
[*]Higgbons - 31 days
[*]Wildons - 31 days
[*]Jimmons - 31 days
[*]Yullons - 30 days
[*]Polson - 31 days
[*]Trierson - 31 days
[*]Revonson - 31 days
[*]Kingson - 31 days
[*]Oppelson - 31 days
[*]Mannerson - 30 days
[*]Ulmar - 31 days
[*]Digg - 31 days
[*]Blomat - 31 days
[*]Plicht - 31 days
[*]Flacht - 31 days
[*]Quamar - 30 days[/list]

Sixth, concerning character ages. You will create a specific date to have your character to have been born on. Created characters must be at least 18 years old. Also, baring expressed permission, a character will immediately be considered dead upon reaching the age on 100.

Seventh, in order to create a special setting for Alovia we will say that Year 0 of the Common Era (CE) will be said to have begun with the creation of the steam engine. Prior to the Common era there was a 1000 year period called the Era of God (EG). Any time before 0 EG will be called the Ancient Era (AE). These are simply for reference or for RPed histories.

Eighth, technological advancement will rely on the activities of government created characters. Basically this means that in 2 CE a citizen-created character can't master the internal combustion engine. By having government regulated inventions we can also create a more realistic advancement of technology. This technology policy may change in the future though.

Ninth, concerning the government-created characters. These characters cannot be traded. The main goal of these characters will be to provide the technological advancement for the nation. They may also take part is a select number of other things but that will depend on how things change.

Tenth, concerning technology more specifically. As stated previously technology will be managed by the government. But, in order to make things more interesting there will be some rules around technology. First of all, technology will make a breakthrough once every 10 Micras years. Finally, technologies will be voted on by the users in Alovia. There will be a list of a few different technologies and the users will vote on which one will be implemented. Past technologies will effect what technologies I propose in the next round. This can make technology skew.

Eleventh, concerning politics. Alovia will have a specially elected Assembly. This assembly will be made up of user-created characters that have decided to run for office. The Assembly will be able to make and pass laws that effect Alovia. The Assembly will be limited to 5 characters until there are more citizens in the nation at which point more will be allowed. There will also be a Governor but they are appointed by the central government of the DPRoK. The Governor can veto laws passed by the Assembly but should only do so if the law is counter-revolutionary; Alovia should be left to pretty much govern itself.

These changes will all take effect on March 4th. This list may also change over the next few days.

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