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Statement from new Secretary General
Hello, I would like to begin by saying that we are all going to miss being led by our glorious leader, Comrade Nathaniel Yates. He was a great revolutionary and we hope him all the luck in the world in his work as the Premier of the DPRoK.

Next, I would like to discuss some of the allegations that we have sidestepped the Party Constitution by not having another Party Congress after the resignation of Comrade Yates. Nowhere in the Party Constitution does it require that we convene another Party Congress just because the Secretary General resigns. The appointment of the Secretary General is given to the Political Bureau, not the Party Congress, and as such we will not be calling another Party Congress.

Thirdly, I would like to address the accusation that I am not an adherent to the ideology of communism. In order to counter these accusations I would ask that anyone doubting my beliefs to ask me to open my wallet. I would immediately pull out and present, proudly I might add, my Communist Party of the United States of America Membership Card. I would then direct people to my good friend Comrade Yates who accompanied me to meetings and activities of the Young Communist League. I am a proud communist and would just ask anyone to look at the evidence. If my critics are still unconvinced then I ask them to look to my political record while active in the DPRoK and they will clearly see that I have always adhered to communist ideology.

Finally, I would like us all to look to the future of communism in the DPRoK. I have begun an initiative in conjunction with the Premier to further the economic development of our nation through investment in new heavy industries. Within the next 6 months we will open a smithy that will be able to produce all the metal items needed by our great nation. In a couple months we will also enter the planting season and hope to employ most of the population of the DPRoK to aid in the planting. We have great things in our future comrades and I look forward to helping advance the position of communism both in the DPRoK and around the world.

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