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Pushing Into Enemy Territory
The forces of the glorious People's Revolutionary Army have made strong and successful pushes into the territory of the Republic of Kirkland. Numerous outlying regions of our enemy have been captured as the enemy is pushed back. Marshal Landes has announced that he hopes to reach the enemy's capital by the end of the week.

During our glorious conquests we have captured numerous supplies that could have been used by the enemy. We have captured a vegetable garden and other food production facilities and hope to starve the enemy of their food supplies. We have also captured numerous motor vehicles and have requisitioned them for our military. As we continue this struggle we continue to disrupt the enemy's ability to wage war.

But remember comrades, we have not yet won the war and the home front is just as important as the front lines. We need you to continue the war for production. Only by outproducing our enemy can we hope to win. All war production hurts our enemy.

However, because of shortfalls at the front, the government is requiring all citizens to ration their goods. Only 4 gallons of gasoline may be consumed every week. The average food ration must also be reduced to 300 rubles of food per month. But do not be disheartened. Every gallon of gas and ruble worth of flood is going directly to our brave soldiers at the front. With your sacrifice we will win this war and bring our enemy swift justice.


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