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Macronational Kirkland
Hello all, this is a simple question. What is the macronation versions of Kirkland and North Kirkland? Example

Kirkland - North Korea
North Kirkland - South Korea
Well honestly there isn't one. I guess you could see it like that but it was more complicated than that. Just look at the history of the Most Glorious and Holy Empire of Kirkland on Microwiki ( ) to get a better overview of the situation that gave rise to the "Two Kirklands". I guess if I had to give a macronational example it would be:

DPRoK - East Germany
North Kirkland - West Germany (but with a monarchy)

I only say that because we aren't as repressive as N. Korea (or I sure hope we aren't)
I think both of those are good examples honestly, but I like the Germany example more. North and South Korea do not admit the right of the other to exist and are technically still in a state of war, just under a cease fire. East and West Germany, by contrast, agreed that the other had a right to exist and actually worked together somewhat often (as long as the USSR didn't say otherwise) so I think the East/West Germany example makes a little more sense.
You didn't recognized the North however I see now that you both have mutual recognization. Okay, I agree with Yates.

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