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Inactivity of DPRoK

Allow me to re-introduce myself, as it has been some time since we all last spoke on a forum. (Back around the days of the Empire of Kirkland, remember?) Well then, hello! I am Mark Williams II, Emperor of the Republic of Freedomia.

Now then, on to business. I've been [i]closely[/i] observing this nation ever since it blossomed [i]absolutely beautifully[/i] last October. I remember the day when Freedomia was established, it was arguably the best day of my entire life. After this observation period ended and I decided to register on this fora, it was clear something was wrong in this nation of DPRoK. It is clear that activity levels are dwindling, tsk tsk! It's always a shameful thing to happen to a micronation. Nevertheless, I am here to help. As a fellow Missouri micronation, Freedomia has always been willing to extend a helping hand to DPRoK ever since your establishment.

Perhaps some of the citizens of this nation were alive and well remember the times of the breakup of the Soviet Union, another Communist state similar to your own, back in 1991. Well, perhaps not. The leader of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev strove to reform the nation, but it was too late. Had the former leaders done it soon enough, perhaps it would have survived. A similar thing, like a breakup or dissolution or something of the kind could very well likely happen to DPRoK also. I would like to formally request the DPRoK embrace capitalism instead of trying to bite its head off. A micronation will always have activity issues, well, at least, a young micronation, therefore, it is not wise to hinder on gaining potential citizens by focusing on only one political ideology. In Freedomia, for example, we blend many forms of government into our Constitution, including monarchy and democracy. I believe if Kirkland took a similar approach it would find itself in a much better situation.

If you are willing to permit your nation to die from inactivity for socialism, I recommend you suspend the DPRoK. Capitalism is [i]not[/i] evil, in fact, most, if not all, of your citizens are also citizens of the United States, and rely on capitalism on a daily basis. By referring to capitalism as 'evil' you are also endangering possible future relations with the USA.

Please strongly consider my words, and note that I am perfectly alright with constructive criticism. I want the best for this nation, but only focusing on one political idealogy [i]will[/i] slow down the development of this nation and it would take much longer than a system that permits many different forms.

Kind regards, and please do not find my statement harsh,

Mark Williams II
Emperor of Freedomia
Tsk tsk. I am most displeased with the lack of a response even after one week. It is clear that this nation may soon become defunct. If the government of Kirkland does nothing to keep it alive, then perhaps new leadership is needed.
How amusing. It's been a month, no response. There is clearly an inactivity issue in this nation.
All I can say is this. I am disappointed in all of you. It is clear to me now, Kirkland is dead. Despite giving you two more weeks--a final chance, you've done nothing. Nothing at all--and I, on the other hand, have done all that I can to keep this nation alive. I will speak with the Senate immediately. It is now clear that there isn't a nation here. Not anymore.
I am disgusted at what this former nation has become. It appears as though Communism has failed you, just like it fails just about every single nation. The Senate of Freedomia will vote on suspending relations tomorrow.

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