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Membership in the CoF
Greetings --

While I am very displeased at, even one week later, having no response to my thread, "Inactivity of DPRoK", I will continue to work to serve Kirkland's best interests as an ally. Therefore, I have a proposal I would like the Kirkish government to consider. Noting that this nation appears to be coming to a halt, I would like to offer DPRoK membership in the Commonwealth of Freedomia. No, this does not mean that Freedomia would be annexing the territories of Kirkland. The Commonwealth is essentially a diplomatic alliance of friends. I know the Commonwealth would be able to provide your nation with assistance in your inactivity, as well. As said above, this is not a case of annexing your territories. This is an optional diplomatic alliance that I recommend you request membership in, for the sake of your nation that is dying as I speak. I was under the impression that the Kirkish government wants the best for its citizens, and the Commonwealth of Freedomia can help with that.

Kind regards, and best of luck in these harsh times of inactivity!
I am [i]highly[/i] frustrated at the inactivity of this nation. It has nearly been a month since I first joined on these forums with proposals for assistance with activity, and it is clear that the Kirkish government is ineffective. You have until June 1st to respond, or I will make an Act in the Freedomian Senate to suspend diplomatic relations. May I [i]please[/i] be replied to?
I must express my [i]severe[/i] exasperation in regards to it being 6 days since my last notice, and yet I have still received no reply! It is less than a week until I will be speaking with the Senate about the dissolution of our military alliance, and our revocation of our treaty. On June 1st, I will propose an Act in our Senate to end relations with Kirkland. If the nation is still inactive one month later, on July 1st, I will be creating a Kirkish Provisional Government, which will strive to peacefully bring an end to this ineffective, and inactive, Communist regime, as well as encourage Alovia and Balromia to join our movement and be spared from the defunct DPRoK nation.

I am not trying to threaten Kirkland, I am merely stating that I have its best interests in mind. For the sake of your citizens, [i]do[/i] something before I do!
It has been an [i]additional[/i] five days that I have been forced to await a response from your government. It is also nearly a month since I first joined this forum and requested a swift response. The most recent post from anyone other than me dates back to mid-April 2012. I am very disappointed at what this nation has become, but bear in mind. May is nearly over, and I'll be speaking with the Senate very soon. July will come just as fast.
Now it has been over two weeks since my last post on this thread, and I have yet to have recieved a response! This is ridiculous! You can be sure that I am waiting for July happily, so that I can restore this nation to its former glory.[hr]
It has been over a month since I offered your nation membership in the Commonwealth, and the last post from someone other than myself dates back to mid-April, and even then, there hadn't been other posts (at least, not many) for over 2 months. In other words, you'd be very lucky if you have had 20 posts on this forum in this year, 2012, alone! And I've done 10 of them!

Now, compare this forum and this nation which is decaying to this:

Freedomia, a constantly active Republic which doesen't rely on Communism and oppression of civil liberties. And we don't force our students into sex-ed, and we don't constantly waste our time calling capitalism evil. And we actually have an active legislature and meet on a weekly basis!

I'm sorry if I am "nag nag nagging" this nation and its government, but it has failed! I am concerned ally who has this nation's best interests in mind!
This is the last straw. I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Greater Empire of Kirkland, which so far holds a population of 5. We strive to increase that population by a long shot.
At this time, we offer any territory or possession of the Kirkish People's Republic to join our new Empire and be spared from its oppressive government and immature fights against capitalism.
The Republic of Freedomia hereby suspends [b]ALL[/b] diplomatic relations with DPR Kirkland, effective immediately.

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