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Leon Ulyanov Application
Hello, my name is Leon Ulyanov. Some of you may know me better by my old name, Brayden, the former emperor of the Empire of Kirkland. I wish that none of you would refer to me by my former name as it does not reflect who I am anymore. I am no longer a monarch and I wish to take up a new identity to reflect the new dawn in my life.

I have resigned all of my titles forever and never again wish to take them up. I have realized the folly of aristocratic society and the elitism present in it. I am pledging all of my former lands, the territory of Alovia, to the new Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland.

I realize some of you may be hesitant to accept me because of the history I had in the old Empire. However, I urge you to realize that I am a different man than I was in those days. Without the burdens of high responsibility upon me I am able to actually reflect my ideology in public. I am not a conservative nor was I ever. In fact those of you who know me well will know that I am a card carrying member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and have been for some time. I honestly hope that my previous actions in the old Empire do not continue to reflect on me as I attempt to begin anew.

I have read the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland and swear to abide by the values outlined in it and to abide by the broader values of socialism in general. I am ready to be a part of the Proletarian Revolution. I hereby apply for citizenship in the Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland.
Leon, I accept your citizenship application with all faith that you are who you say you are. I have known you for quite a long time and I am well aware of your true ideology. I trust that you will uphold those values now and in the future. I will also abide by your wish to not be called by your old name. I understand the burden of names seeing as I am using a pseudonym as well. I am glad that you are trying to start with a clean slate. Welcome to the DPRoK.

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