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Poll: Vote on Central Committee
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Approval of New Central Committee
The Party Congress will now vote on the following list of candidates to become the next Central Committee until the convening of another Party Congress.

This list is as follows:
[list][*]Sandra Knopf
[*]Stephen Landes
[*]Luke Schmitt
[*]Leon Ulyanov
[*]Nathaniel Yates
[*]Johnathon Zimmerman[/list]

This list will be approve upon gaining the support of a majority of the Party Congress (4 yes votes). The vote will take place through an automated poll and will last for 24 hours. If after 24 hours a majority is not gained then the plurality of votes cast will determine the outcome of the vote.
Having gained the support of a majority of the Party Congress, this list of Party members will become the next Central Committee.

Since there is no other business for the Party Congress to decide, I adjourn this Party Congress. The next Party Congress will be held in May.

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