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(Backstory) 1st People's Guard Rifle Regiment
The 1st People's Guard Rifle Regiment is [b]the[/b] elite military unit in the People's Revolutionary Army. Known as the PGR, they are the main shock troops of the Kirkish military.

The PGR was first constituted early in November of 2011 from fanatical Communist Party members. In fact, to this day only Communist Party members are allowed into the PGR thus creating a strong esprit de corps and regimental unity.

The PGR were immediately trained in the art of surprise, massed attacks that were specifically designed to break the will of the enemy. They were trained under then Colonel Stephen Landes (now Major General) in these tactics and quickly became experts.

Colonel Landes always emphasized the need to both kill and demoralize the enemy and this can be seen in their tactics. The tactics of the PGR can best be described as extremely aggressive. On the offensive, they usually wait for the cover of darkness (or other kind of cover) and then sneak as close to the enemy positions as possible before charging into the enemy positions with the intent of killing everyone. They exercise a strict "no prisoners" policy that is officially frowned upon by the higher-ups but at the same time no one is ever punished. On the defence, the PGR will set up subtle traps and ambushes designed to draw an enemy into a kill zone of machine guns, snipers, mortars, and other heavy fire. They would then follow up this tactic by beginning a counterattack.

Inside of Kirkland the PGR have already gained a reputation for both cruelty and efficiency in combat. Early in the founding of the DPRoK there were some rebel elements hiding in the hills of western Alovia that were still loyal to the former Imperial Family. In order to counter this threat the People's Revolutionary Army decided to send in the PGR to "pacify" the area. Upon entering the area the PGR was ambushed by the guerrillas. The PGR fell back on their transports, established a perimeter, and then launched a counterattack. In that counterattack not one prisoner was taken but 213 guerrillas were killed. The PGR then began the task of eliminating the guerrilla threat. They mercilessly killed every person in the hills area that would not swear allegiance to the new communist government. The government frowned upon the mercilessness of the PGR but no soldier was ever punished.

When the PGR finally learned the location of the main rebel base they immediately implemented their tactics. During the night they silently approached the base and surrounded it. Then, once the regiment was sure no one could get out, they assaulted the base. At first they were quiet as they entered the base, but eventually an alarm sounded. All of a sudden the PGR troops went into a frenzy and simply started yelling and charged at the rebel troops. This so demoralized the rebels that many of them threw down their weapons, but to no avail. The PGR troops bayoneted or shot everyone in the base that night. The casualty count that night was horrifically high for the rebels with 2542 killed (none injured or captured) with only 156 killed and 295 wounded for the PGR. This proved to the communist government that the PGR was a unit to be counted on. The PGR went on the completely eliminate the monarchist rebellion in the hills within a week.

The PGR is usually at the front of every attack using tactics such as these to overwhelm and eliminate an opponent before they are even aware of their predicament. If an opponent cannot be surprised then the zeal of the PGR will carry them through the fight regardless of casualties. As the regimental motto of the 1st People's Guard Rifle Regiment says, "Victory or Death"

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